Annihilation Lobby + Anni-4

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Today we're announcing the release of the Annihilation Lobby and Anni-4 Annihilation

The anni-lobby is an area where you connect to before joining a game. You can go here to buy kits, open crates and wait around before a game starts. You can access the lobby through the navigator or by typing /server anni-lobby.

Anni-4: In addition to the lobby, we've released Anni-4 or also known as 'Mini Annihilation'. What's different about Anni-4?
- The maps are smaller, (made by 4 teams)
- Ores are doubled each time you mine one
- Nexus health reduced to 50-HP
- 3 BRAND new maps, Field, Zeusland & Winter

A long time coming feature, it's finally here. You can access the cosmetics menu by typing /cosmetics Currently there are 21 kill effects and 7 kill sounds- These cosmetics are unlockable by purchasing a rank ( or by levelling...

Survival | Season I Release

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We're proud to announce the release of the Survival server.

If you’re a fan of Survival with a twist and grind factor, this is a game-mode for you. We've combined the popular Minecraft vanilla experience and enhanced it by adding custom mechanics. I believe that we have a very unique approach to survival and we hope you will join us on release day to take a look for yourself.

Some of the features

  • Custom recipes (Over 15+ unique recipes only craftable using a special crafting table)
  • Custom resource pack with MC character emoji support.
  • Custom ores that can be mined and used to craft custom gear and weapons.
  • Advanced skills system that offers a perfect balance between character traits & abilities.
  • A unique...

Lobby Update [New Cosmetics, Ranks & More]

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Hello all,

Today we’re excited to share with you our newest Lobby update. We hope that this somewhat makes the Hub look more professional, easier to use & fun.

In this update, we wanted to add more interactivity:
  • NPC Selectors
  • Redesigned Menu & Server selector
  • Redesigned Tab & Scoreboard layouts.
  • Cosmetics that sync between lobbies.
  • Treasure Chests and coins.
  • Hub PvP sword so you can fight others waiting in the lobbies.
  • Jumpads to soar through the wind.

We’ve also added ranks in the lobbies now.
  • Owner (the owner himself, aka the Balkan)
  • Admins (only given to ‘High-Staff’ members)
  • Staff (given to all other staff members)
  • Media (Given to players which meet certain requirements, this is not the same as sub-server YT ranks)
  • Supreme, Premium+ & Premium are all donator ranks purchasable on the store. These ranks will be synced between...

Skyblock Apocalypse | Season V Release

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Skyblock Apocalypse Season V

Release Date & Time: 24th April @ 5:00 PM GMT
Size: 10 Man Islands
Duration: 2 Week Map

After a long time we've finally decided to bring back our famous Skyblock Apocalypse (Season V).
We've been working on this project for a while and finally believe we have something very unique to offer.
We believe this will be by far our best season yet, and our main goal is to positively shock the playerbase with the quality of the map.


Top Islands
1st Place -> 150$ PayPal + 150$ Store Voucher (300$)
2nd Place -> 50$ PayPal + 100$ Store Voucher (150$)
3rd Place -> 50$ Store Voucher (50$)

Cane Top
1st Place -> 20$ Store Voucher
2nd Place -> 15$ Store Voucher
3rd Place -> 10$ Store Voucher

Mob Top...

Skyblock Caribbean | Season I Launch

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27.3.2021. 6:00 PM GMT


Multiple Dungeons
Custom Ambient Sounds
H2O & Temperature System
Custom Textures
Mystery Chests
RPG Missions
Island Missions
Exploration & PvP Zones
Combat Pets
Custom Enderchests
Friend System
Fast Crafting
Advanced Cosmetics
Much More!


Skyblock Caribbean is a 1.16 based RPG Skyblock. Seasons on Skyblock Caribbean will last far longer than they do on the competitive servers.
Season will last 2-3 Months, but compared to our Skyblock Apocalypse, the Economy is much much harder, and actually obtaining good gear will be insanely hard. On Skyblock Caribbean you'll be able to Explore the world of pirates, enter many dungeons, and fight various bosses.
The main economy is based around Gold, which you can...

Welcome to the AcentraMC Official Forums!

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AcentraMC Forums 1.0 Release

I'm happy to announce that we're finally releasing our first version of the forums.
We will Announce every important Announcements & News on the Forums from now on!
Make sure to register and contribute to the Community Discussions!

Staff Applications & More Categories will come to the forums very soon!
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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