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  1. Areeb

    Annihilation Lobby + Anni-4

    Today we're announcing the release of the Annihilation Lobby and Anni-4 Annihilation The anni-lobby is an area where you connect to before joining a game. You can go here to buy kits, open crates and wait around before a game starts. You can access the lobby through the navigator or by typing...
  2. Areeb

    Survival | Season I Release

    🧱 SURVIVAL SEASON 1 🧱 We're proud to announce the release of the Survival server. Information: If you’re a fan of Survival with a twist and grind factor, this is a game-mode for you. We've combined the popular Minecraft vanilla experience and enhanced it by adding custom mechanics. I believe...
  3. Areeb

    Lobby Update [New Cosmetics, Ranks & More]

    Hello all, Today we’re excited to share with you our newest Lobby update. We hope that this somewhat makes the Hub look more professional, easier to use & fun. In this update, we wanted to add more interactivity: NPC Selectors Redesigned Menu & Server selector Redesigned Tab & Scoreboard...
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    big up vrex facts
  5. Areeb

    I Forgot ma password in acentra pog!

    We cannot reset your password here. Please join the Discord server and make a ticket:
  6. Areeb

    Forum Rules

    By choosing to use the AcentraMC Website & Forums, you agree that you've read and agreed to the terms below. If a user is breaking a forum rule, you can report them by clicking 'Report' on their user account. In addition, you can report forum posts, threads and replies directly. Profiles You...
  7. Areeb

    Reporting a player

    If you find a rule breaker on the AcentraMC Network, use the format below to report them. --------------------------------------------------------------- Your Minecraft Username: Player Username: (The account you're reporting) What gamemode did this happen on? What are you reporting them for...
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