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How do I apply for a YouTube Rank?

If you are a creator and make videos for Acentra, you may apply for a YouTuber Rank. This grants you the ability to nick, use cosmetics and donator perks. Meeting the requirements below do not mean you qualify. All applications vary from one and another, and our criteria is different for each applicant.

Requirements for YouTubers:
→ minimum of 250 subscribers
→ be active (minimum 1 video per week)
→ upload 1 video or 3 shorts per month featuring the AcentraMC Network
→ have a total of 25000 views
→ minimum 200 average views

Requirements for Streamers:
→ minimum of 200 Followers needed
→ 2 streams a month featuring the AcentraMC Network
→ have an average of 10-15 live viewers
→ be active (minimum 2 Streams per week)

Requirements for TikTokers:
→ minimum of 1000 Followers needed
→ 5 uploads per month featuring the AcentraMC Network
→ have an average of 1.2k views
→ be active (minimum 15 TikToks per month)

Apply in our Discord Server, discord.gg/acentramc

When I join, I get an "Invalid Session (Try Restarting)" message?

Acentra supports both cracked & premium accounts. This means that if you did not pay for Minecraft, you can still play on it.

The system we use allows us to support client cosmetics (so that you can see cosmetics on Lunar, Badlion Client etc) including other additional benefits. To do this, we have to ensure that Premium users cannot be taken by a Cracked user.

If you see this error when connecting through a Cracked Launcher, it means that the username you chose is a Premium Account.

You can check if an account is taken or not by using NameMC. Simply type in the Username to see if it's 'Available' OR 'Unavailable' To avoid getting this issue, simply pick a new username and try again. If you happen to continue to get this error and you're sure it is NOT taken, please open a ticket for support.

How do I play on Acentra?

Acentra is a Minecraft Java Network. At Acentra, we offer two type proxies, EU and AS. If you're from Asia (or located somewhere near), you will benefit from lower pings if you use our Asian IP instead. For anywhere else in the world, please use our normal IP (also known as our EU proxy).

EU/Main IP: play.acentramc.com
Asia IP: as.acentramc.com

Please note that at this time, we currently only host AS Practice in Asia.

I'm lagging or having latency/ping issues? (Misconceptions)

At Acentra, we offer two proxies, AS and EU. Both of these servers connect all our game servers.

1) If you have two proxies, Asian Proxy and a EU Proxy, why do I have high ping on Ranked Bedwars & AS Practice?
A proxy (a fancy word for bungeecord or the thing you connect to) is something that connects all of the servers together. It allows you to transfer from hubs/minigames with ease and connects all players.

2) What options do I have to play?
You have an option to choose which proxy you wish to connect to, but it cannot alter the location of the exact Subserver. It is physically not possible for us to have one subserver hosted in multiple locations at once. This is simply because the Minecraft Protocol won't allow us to. (You can look up transfer packets for more information on this)

Option 1 (EU Proxy): Your Internet/PC -> EU Proxy -> AS Practice (Subserver which is Hosted in Asia)
Option 2 (AS Proxy): Your Internet/PC -> AS Proxy -> AS Practice (which is hosted in AS)

3) I am lagging a lot, and I am on Asian proxy?
You should ensure you are 100% sure that this is not you before reporting it. In the most cases, this is your internet or just an issue with directing bandwidth to Asia (serving internet to asian regions is much more difficult). If the proxy is lagging you will know because a lot of people will complain about it.

4) How do I identify if this is an issue on my end?

  1. Are you using the correct proxy? If you're from Asia and you're using our EU proxy, you will have a much higher ping.
  2. If you are on the correct server, do you have lag/ping issues on other servers?

I've forgotten my server password?

If you're a cracked user on our server, you will need to request a password reset from our Administration team.

Create a Ticket in our Discord, discord.gg/acentramc
Please select 'Owner Support' as the Department.

Format for resetting password - In your ticket please add the following:
Minecraft Username:
Estimated join date:
Ranks on account (with proof if possible):

Once you submit a ticket and pass the security checks, one of the owners or High-Staff members will reset your password.