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AcentraMC Global Announcement | Public Roadmap [August - September]


Dear Community,

After a long time we've decided to announce publicly what awaits ahead and things we have been working on for a while. A lot of effort has been put into this project and in the following 2 months we hope we will accomplish everything we set ourselves up to. Today is the day where we will announce to you, the players, our plans and goals so you know which path we're taking and where we are headed in the future. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys and we will keep working hard to make AcentraMC a place where you can enjoy spending your time on.

Release of Prison [Date & Time: 14th August 3 PM GMT]
As many of you already are aware, we have our prison planned to be released on the 14th at 3PM GMT. Prison is almost fully custom coded and has been worked on for the past 2-4 Months and we are so happy that the time has finally come for Prison to see light on AcentraMC. We assure to not disappoint!

Release of Annihilation [Date & Time: TBD]
Another gamemode that's fully custom coded but have had issues with releasing due to the attacks we have been receiving on our network. We see annihilation as a gamemode that will help set us apart from many other networks in terms of quality and uniqueness, and we will surely look to invest a lot of resources into getting good advertisement for Anni and make it a very popular gamemode on AcentraMC.

Release of Minerware [Date & Time: TBD]
A very small but also very fun Gamemode. Minerware is a minigame that's consisted of a lot of smaller micro-games. The games are simple, the player that wins the most mini minigames out of the 15 rounds wins the Minerware battle. It's something that we hope will provide entertainment for casual minecraft players and a place where you can enjoy your time having fun with friends!

Release & Comeback of Skyblock [Date & Time: TBD]
Finally after a very long time, we have decided to bring back AcentraMC Skyblock. Skyblock is a gamemode that we got most traction from and the reason AcentraMC is where it is today. We will have 2 Different Realms of Skyblock, the 1st one is Skyblock Civilization a 1.8.8 Native [Playable with 1.8-1.17] Non-Competitive Skyblock with a lot of unique features, with the season running for 1-2 Months. It will also have so much content that players will not get bored easily. Furthermore, we will also work on launching a Competitive 1.8 Skyblock aka Skyblock Apocalypse (The Return) shortly after Skyblock Civilization, but due to some EULA changes we are unsure how quickly/and in which way we will be able to bring it back.

Release Of Practice Season II [Date & Time: TBD]
After a very successful Season I, we've decided to invest a lot of time, effort and resources into the development of Season II which will be managed by PG. We have heard feedback and complaints from our community in Season I and we are working on polishing everything for Season II, with that we also plan to bring on a lot of Partnerships onto our network for Practice Season II. We are also working on a LOT of surprises related to Practice so make sure to stay tuned!

Release of Ranked Bedwars Season IX [Date & Time: TBD]
This is something that will surely gain notice once it releases, after a lot of conversations with the playerbase and the RBW Staff, we've gathered a lot of insightful feedback and we plan on doing something insane for the upcoming Season. I will not list all of the things that we plan on adding, but here's a small list of things that we will try to add by the time it releases:
» Custom AcentraMC RBW Bot + Much Better Queuing System
» Automatic Scoring
» More Advanced Elo System that will reward players preformance
» Striking/SS System Improved
» A Lot of Improvements and Additions to Cosmetics (A lot of the things you guys requested)
» No Crashes/Lag/Disconnect
» Flawless FireBalls (Improvements to our current Fireballs)
» TNT Bug Fixes & Improvements
» KB Improvements

Connection Improvements (Specifically Asian) [Date & Time: TBD]
We are constatly working on improving the ping of our Asian player-base. We are still unsure when we will be able to accomplish this, but we are hoping that for next season of RBW Asians should have a better experience with ping! Who knows, if next RBW Season does well, we might introduce an Asian proxy aswell!

Updates to our Forums & Store [Date & Time: TBD]
We also plan on updating the design of our webstore and forums! This isn't a major thing but it will surely benefit the overall quality of our network! And that's what our goal is!

Thank you all for reading our Roadmap, I truly hope you guys are satisfied and hyped for things to come.

Thank you,
AcentraMC Owners