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Annihilation Lobby + Anni-4



Today we're announcing the release of the Annihilation Lobby and Anni-4 Annihilation

The anni-lobby is an area where you connect to before joining a game. You can go here to buy kits, open crates and wait around before a game starts. You can access the lobby through the navigator or by typing /server anni-lobby.

Anni-4: In addition to the lobby, we've released Anni-4 or also known as 'Mini Annihilation'. What's different about Anni-4?
- The maps are smaller, (made by 4 teams)
- Ores are doubled each time you mine one
- Nexus health reduced to 50-HP
- 3 BRAND new maps, Field, Zeusland & Winter

A long time coming feature, it's finally here. You can access the cosmetics menu by typing /cosmetics Currently there are 21 kill effects and 7 kill sounds- These cosmetics are unlockable by purchasing a rank (store.acentramc.com) or by levelling up your tier.

Other Changes:
- Particles added to the Iceman kit
- Immobilizer, you can no longer shoot a bow now.
- Added two new ANNI RANKS, Immortal & Supporter! https://store.acentramc.com/category/196512 (Exclusive cosmetics and x5 Boosters)
- New Anni-3 maps, Medieval and Dragons

That's all for today's update. We hope you will check it out and give your feedback to us. Also a reminder that clan wars is happening tomorrow at 1PM GMT. A big thanks to @Lucanius & @VISUAL_ for their hard-work on this update.