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Bedwars Unranked Release




Acentra is proud to announce the release of the Unranked Bedwars lobby coming this week!

Ever since the release of Ranked, the demand for an unranked lobby has been high and we’re finally announcing that the release will happen this Sunday at 9AM GMT.


To join the server, simply type /server Bedwars or use the hub selector. Currently we’ve setup 25 arenas, with 5 in each mode type, so 5 Solo, 5 Duos and so on. (If we see high demand, we will expand and open up more arenas).

Bedwars is synced globally with other parts of the network. At this time, Bedwars is currently synced with the Hub. We have plans to also expand into other games where your rank will be synced like Skywars, so you’ll have your rank there when that releases. Ranks will be up soon.

If you've played Ranked Bedwars on our network, then you'll be very familiar with everything. We've cleaned up a lot of the messages, added new designs and made certain elements stand out for. These changes will also make it ways to RBW soon.


To spice things up, we've also added an in-game effects system. For example bow trails, kill effects and victory dances, most which are only accessible by donator ranks. You can view these effects in the menu using /swag when in the lobby.

We asked our existing community about what kinda maps people wanted. The majority of people voted for a mixture of popular HP maps and our own custom maps. At the time of release, we will only offer HP maps. However, our team is hard at work and are creating beautiful custom maps to be used on our network, which will be available in games soon.

That's all for today's news, if you're not in our Discord make sure to join:

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