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I think we need to demote some bedwars staff members there is like 30 staff members and I dont think that bedwars will have more than 30 players therefore it is more than a 1:1 staff to player ratio so therefore we need to start demoting some of the staff. @roastinq @unbendable should be the first to go I think roastinq was watching some furry videos with that sandwicher maker @Cawiy and then unbendable just edits videos for egirls


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Cawiy has to go that stupid **omitted**my cousin for a kinder bueno outrageous. In addition to this, unbendable spends more time editing his videos than working on his server. Furthermore, the staff all **omitted**? this server supports racism. Supposedly, Cawiy is too busy choking on **omitted** In conclusion, this is why roastinq is trying to finesse ips to hit me offline smh.