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Introducing Honor (Vote Rewards)


Hello everyone,

Today we're bringing you a new reward currency, Honor.

Currently, the following servers are part of the Honor system:
☆ Practice (EU/AS)
☆ Ranked Bedwars
☆ Annihilation (XL, Anni-1, Anni-2)
☆ Lobby (1-3)

You can access the Honor menu by typing /honor on any of these servers.


Currently in rotation, there are two attainable ranks, Premium and Hero. In addition, there are three chat tags that can be unlocked permanently. All these rewards are applied to global servers. This includes Annihilation, Lobbies, Survival, Skywars, Creative & Practice.

To get Honor, simply vote:
The only way to obtain Honor currently is by voting. Simply type /vote and follow the instructions. This will only take a few seconds. Each vote gives you 5 honor credits and we provide seven of them, so you are able to earn a maximum of 35 Honor Credits per day. Voting at every link will give you the max amount of Honor per day, giving you the ability to unlock rewards faster.


Please note that if you have already purchased these rewards (through giveaways or donating with IRL money) you will see a barrier block instead.

We hope that this update will allow players to support us in return of ranks. Voting is a great way to increase the servers popularity, so we heavily advise players to vote for us even if they're not in it for the rewards, as it greatly benefits the ranking of the server.

Thank you,


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