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Lobby Update [New Cosmetics, Ranks & More]



Hello all,

Today we’re excited to share with you our newest Lobby update. We hope that this somewhat makes the Hub look more professional, easier to use & fun.

In this update, we wanted to add more interactivity:
  • NPC Selectors
  • Redesigned Menu & Server selector
  • Redesigned Tab & Scoreboard layouts.
  • Cosmetics that sync between lobbies.
  • Treasure Chests and coins.
  • Hub PvP sword so you can fight others waiting in the lobbies.
  • Jumpads to soar through the wind.

We’ve also added ranks in the lobbies now.
  • Owner (the owner himself, aka the Balkan)
  • Admins (only given to ‘High-Staff’ members)
  • Staff (given to all other staff members)
  • Media (Given to players which meet certain requirements, this is not the same as sub-server YT ranks)
  • Supreme, Premium+ & Premium are all donator ranks purchasable on the store. These ranks will be synced between lobbies & upcoming minigames (The Bridge & Bedwars etc).
We have also included house interior design which include different staff members all-around (not to be taken seriously) - Go visit one of them and you’ll know what I mean 😭

The spawn has also changed with a new more colourful design to bring a brighter look and welcoming feel. Feel free to walk around and checkout the parkour.