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Prison Season 2 Release


After the successful season I , we are finally ready to announce Prison Season II with many new features and changes.

> 4th September at 1PM GMT


  • Custom coded core
  • Further Optimization and Bug Fixes.
  • 4 brand new enchants with 16 Total Enchants
  • New Cell System with /cell top and cell top rewards
  • Balanced economy ( this time for real )
  • Timed Multipliers and Token Multipliers
  • Revamped crates with new additions
  • Autosell available to everyone
  • Buycraft rewards for several categories like Prestigetop, Blockstop etc.
  • Plots
  • Revamped PvP area packed with content
  • Robots
  • Chat Reactions
There is so much more content on release and ready for content updates Before I end this announcement, I wish to thank my fellow staff team for making it possible for us to come this far!.

I hope to see you all joining us this Saturday!