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Prison | Season I



As you guys are aware, we have hosted 2 beta's so far. The second beta however fulfilled our expectations and we are ready to plan the full release now.

TIME AND DATE: 14th August 3 PM GMT Saturday

- Custom coded core
- Flawless custom enchants
- Custom-built mines - Balanced economy
- Timed Multipliers
- Appealing crates
- /autorank and /maxrankup
- Autosell is available to everyone
- OP Prison with up to 10K Prestige levels
- Buycraft rewards for several categories like Prestige top, Blocks top, etc.
- Gangs - Plots and Free World
- PvPzone full of features
and Overall a Smooth and enjoyable experience for whoever joins!

Before I end this announcement, I wish to thank my fellow staff team for helping me out to put up this content and the fellow beta testers for making it possible for us to find the bugs and instabilities in the server.

I hope to see you all joining us this Saturday! (PS: More info will be posted soon!)