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Community Manager
Community Manager
If a user is breaking a rule, you can report them here. These rules are not a comprehensive list but rather a guideline to follow. Attempts to bypass the rules will result in a punishment. Failure to comply multiple times can result in increasing punishment times.

Chat Rules:​

⚠️- Chat rules apply to all discord servers too​

  • Spamming/Flooding - Unnecessary use of characters and words to fill up the chat quickly.
  • Swearing - Excessive/constant use of swearing directed towards players.
  • Suicide Encouragement - Any form of death threats or death wishes.
  • Discrimination - Insulting players of a specified group unfairly. e.g. Racism, sexism, antisemitism.
  • Inappropriate Content - Extreme sexual threats/references or discussion of NSFW topics.
  • DDoS Threats - Threatening to perform a malicious attack on another player.
  • Advertising - Promoting other servers or sending videos advertising another server.
  • Doxing - Releasing personal information on a player without their consent.

Game Rules:​

  • Cheating - Modifying your game in any way to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Account Sharing - Having multiple people access the account on the network.
  • Evading Punishments - Using alts to evade a ban or mute.
  • Bug Abuse - Intentionally abusing an unintended feature.
  • Command Abuse - Misuse of helpop, report or similar
Message Pg#0007 on discord to suggest a rule!
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